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NFEC gives you a commitment to work on any issue that directly affects your Centre. You will also have complete access to all of the facilities provided through this website, you will benefit from price reductions for NFEC conferences and you will have open access to all of NFEC's Regional and other Dissemination events. Please note that new exhibitors /delegates may attend one seminar for free and get a month free trial on the website to see what happens and then make decision if they want to become a member and be able to attend all seminars for free. If not, after that a charge of ₤ 235 for a delegate or ₤ 460 for an exhibitor will be charged per attendance at a seminar.

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Forum - Now Live - Sign in to activate the link

Our new On-Line forum is now live. This forum will enable our members to engage in discussions and debate about the hot topics that impact on the education and training our member centres provide.

The opportunity to support each other through this On-Line Forum breaks down the barriers of time and space and is a technological advance that the founders of NFEC could only have dreamt of when they first conceived and implemented the original Forum of Engineering Centres.

The forum is only accessible to members. To join NFEC please click on the JOIN NFEC option in the menu above.

The forum is already growing with several important topics being discussed. Here is a screen shot of the board index