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in engineering and the related technologies

Become a member of NFEC
NFEC gives you a commitment to work on any issue that directly affects your Centre. You will also have complete access to all of the facilities provided through this website, you will benefit from price reductions for NFEC conferences and you will have open access to all of NFEC's Regional and other Dissemination events. Please note that new exhibitors /delegates may attend one seminar for free and get a month free trial on the website to see what happens and then make decision if they want to become a member and be able to attend all seminars for free. If not, after that a charge of ₤ 235 for a delegate or ₤ 460 for an exhibitor will be charged per attendance at a seminar.

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Who Can Join NFEC

Membership of NFEC is open to:

  • any further education college or other post-16 private or company-based provider of education and/or training in engineering and/or technology who is funded under the provisions contained within the Learning and Skills Act 2000

  • any university technical college that provides learning in engineering and/or related technologies at Key Stage 4 or later

  • any body corporate or unincorporated association which is closely concerned with education and training in engineering and technology and interested in furthering the Forum's work

  • any individual who is closely concerned with education and training in engineering and technology, who is interested in furthering the Forum's work and who is not currently an employee of a member organisation

There are a few simple membership 'rules':

  • Each member centre and member shall have one vote.

  • Each member organisation shall appoint an individual to represent it formally and to vote on its behalf at meetings of the Forum and may appoint an alternate to replace its appointed representative at any meeting of the Forum if the appointed representative is unable to attend.

  • Each member centre shall notify to the NFEC Secretary of the name of the formal representative appointed by it and of any alternate. If the representative or alternate resigns from or otherwise leaves the member centre he or she shall forthwith cease to be the formal representative of that member centre.

  • In addition to the requirement for a formally appointed member centre representative, any other individual in the member centre who is actively involved in the delivery of learning in engineering and the related technologies may join as a centre contact through the NFEC website and avail themselves of all associated benefits. Centre contacts will not have an individual vote unless they substitute for or become the centre formal contact.

  • The NFEC Directors may unanimously and for good reason reject any application for membership.

  • The NFEC Directors may unanimously and for good reason terminate the membership of any member, member centre or member centre contact provided that the member, the member centre or the member centre contact concerned (as the case may be) shall have the right to be heard by the Directors, accompanied by a friend, before a final decision is made.