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To support NFEC members, network and friends a series of Online and Face-to-Face seminars are scheduled for 2023. Focusing on Engineering, Technology & Science Education.

For this year's seminars we are taking a look at current and emerging power technologies, what are they and how will they impact technology education, or how will the technology education that we are providing impact on the green agenda. Is there really a demand for new skills or is it application and experience that will make the real difference.

What is required for our teaching staff and where will it come from, how can we facilitate staff development and aid the provision of teaching resources?

We encourage members and friends to join us for what we expect to be an interesting series of event.

Last NFEC Seminar

In conjunction with the Institute of Science and Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Dr Marie Oldfield, CSci, Cstat, APAI, FIScT, SFHEA

19th April 2024 - 0900 - 1000 via Zoom

Marie is an IST Executive Board Member and Chair of Women in Tech and AI Group; she will introduce AI in our environment; In addition, Marie will outline some of the support resources and services available through the IST.

We are all aware of AI, which has been around for longer than we may think; there appear to be many definitions of AI and certainly a wide range of applications of associated technologies, philosophies and concepts.

Throughout the coming months and at the forthcoming NFEC Conference, guest speakers will be asked to explain the many aspects of AI, what it means to us and how it will benefit us as educators. What does it mean to us as individuals, how will it impact on us and our "processes" and how will it benefit our students, how will AI improve our teaching and learning and how do we advise our students (and our own families)

No doubt there will be concerns over potential abuses and how these may be minimised. What standards are being developed to ensure professional development and application which will certainly impact of all areas of our profession and our lives.

We have decided that we should start this important programme as soon as possible.

View and Download Presentation: Dr Marie Oldfield presentation

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