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About NFEC

What is NFEC and what does it do?


NFEC was developed in 1992, as the National Forum for Engineering in Colleges, at the time when colleges became incorporated. There was a general feeling among providers that engineering and the related technology subjects in the post-16 Sector were under threat, and this was quickly confirmed with the introduction of the Training and Enterprise Councils, outcome-related funding and the development of a market economy in education and training.

NFEC was formally launched in June 1993, at its first National Conference in Birmingham; colleges of further and higher education were invited to come together to establish NFEC as a corporate membership organisation. They did so, NFEC was born and its constitution (aims, objectives and rules of operation) was agreed by the delegates. In subsequent years NFEC was very successful in helping members maintain and enhance the quality of learning from craft to degree level. Membership steadily increased, to more than 200 organisations.

In recognition of the need to be truly representative, across the provision of engineering education and training at sub-university level, NFEC members agreed at its AGM in December 2003 to change its name to one more representative of this broader 'constituency'. Accordingly, from 1 August 2005 NFEC was re-launched as a new limited charitable company and is now known as the National Forum of Engineering Centres. Its aims, role and rules of operation are very much the same as the organisation from which it emerged. NFEC's membership now includes Colleges, Group Training Associations, Employers and Individuals and it has a broad representation within the 14-19 and post-16 sectors.

Today NFEC's subscribing Member organisations together deliver over 85% of the post-16 engineering and technology education and training provision in Engineering and the related Technologies.

The level and rate of change within education and training are as great now as they have ever been and the need for a representative body like NFEC is no less than it was in 1992. Our success relies entirely upon the weight of opinion behind us when we challenge the funding and policy issues that confront Members. So join us, give us your support and help us to help you!


NFEC's primary aim has always been to represent the needs and concerns of its Members. All of its actions are designed to promote the relevance and quality of the engineering and related technology provision and to confront any and all issues that might impede the delivery of quality learning. A key part of this is helping to ensure that sufficient resources are available so that quality can be both maintained and enhanced.

NFEC contributes to the design and interpretation of Government initiatives, to the development of National Standards and the design of related Qualifications. In this we work closely with the SSCs, Awarding Bodies, the Royal Academy of Engineering, EngineeringUK and the Engineering Council and we take part in all relevant Government Consultations.

A further key 'strand' of NFEC's role is awareness-raising and continuing professional development, for both managers of learning and delivery staff, so that they are able to stay abreast of changing curriculum and qualifications needs. Previous success in this work was to develop and deliver a £1.6M LSC-funded Dissemination of Good Practice project in Engineering and Construction, with outstanding levels of participation and benefits for the Sector. An important aspect of that work has been retained and remains available to Centres, across Engineering and Construction, in the form of NFEC's Critical Friends Service. It responds to specific individual centre needs and is entirely confidential.


NFEC maintains close and productive links with any and all other relevant organisations in working for the interests of our Members and the Sector. Relevant organisations are those that have a bearing on the environment in which learning in engineering and technology is delivered. NFEC works with them to establish consensus views that will influence or modify any policies, systems or procedures that do not contribute positively to the quality of training and education in our Sector.