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Jonathan Gill, NFEC's Chair

Jon Gill, NFEC Chair
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Latest news

15th March 2015 BIS evaluation of Trailblazers

March 2015 - Useful links

The government press notice re standards ‘approved for development’ and ‘approved’ is now live here:

Apprenticeship progress report published today is available at Apprenticeship reforms: progress report

The department has also published today a statement of how we will ensure high quality in the new Apprenticeships - (under apprenticeship standards funding information heading)

Press notice on degree apprenticeships is here:

Apprenticeship standards themselves are live here:

March 2015 - FE News Voice of Apprenticeship Conference 2015

16th February 2015 - Keep up to date with the 16 - 19 Funding: Maths and English, Conditions of funding

14th January 2015 - Government response to Apprenticeship funding reform consultation.

Older news items

New Pages

We are adding new pages to help you

OFSTED - Useful information from Ofsted

This new section provides quick links to the Ofsted FE website and also provides example of departmental Ofsted reports gathered over the last year that will help you to develop your own areas.

Teaching Resources - In the working for you tab is a new section called Teaching resources.

22nd February - Teachers Report Assistant - A great piece of freeware software that helps you write qualatitive reports on student progress.

15th February - A link to the entire catalogue of NLN materials for Engineering. Mainly electrical and electronic but great packages that work well on the interactive white board and VLE.

15th February - Links to websites added to this section. Various websites that have free teaching resources available.

Product Manufacturers - We have added a page for the product manufacturers who are members and supporters of NFEC. On this page you will find quick links to the contacts in these organisations who can help you.

Awarding Bodies - We have added a page for the awarding bodies who are members and supporters of NFEC. On this page you will find quick links to the contacts in these organisations who can help you.

About NFEC - Information about our Directors and consultants along with their contact details has now been moved into this section

And what about your news?

We want to hear from you - Have you got some good news to share? Did your engineering department get a grade 1 from OFSTED?

NFEC is all about helping each other and sharing good practice. Please send any news to Richard Brooks.

NFEC Regional Meetings

Dates of the next Regional Meetings

1. Midlands. Friday 6th March 2015 at the Dudley College.

2. North West, Friday 8th May 2015 at Kendal College

3. South West, Friday 24th April 2015 at City of Bristol College.

4. London and the South East, Friday 17th April 2015 at IPS International, Rochester.

5. North East, Friday 30th January 2015 at AIS Group

For more information and meeting notes go to our Regions page

EngTech NOW

EngTechNow is a campaign to increase registrations for the professional title, EngTech. It was announced by David Cameron in June 2013.

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